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Together We Have Everything

United We Stand. Divided We Fall Apart.

The words are true, and as we move quickly towards a globalized community, it is imperative that we understand our interconnection to each other. We are all part of this wild force that is humanity, and we are all in this together.  As global problems continue to grow and become issues that exist beyond the confines and regulations of nations and countries, we must embrace our togetherness, and move towards supporting one another in order to support our world.

Creating borders and building walls is not the answer. Withdrawing from a global community into a skewed national identity of defensiveness will only create more problems and cause more suffering.  The current crisis on the US/Mexico border is a multi-layered issue that encapsulates so many problems within our international policy. But putting politics and fear to the side, the reality is that people are dying trying to cross a border.

Every year, hundreds of adults and children die while trying to pass through the challenging desert terrain just beyond the US/Mexico border. Regardless of your view on border policy, these deaths are tragic and can be avoided.

Madre is founded on the basic ideas of supporting social well-being and fostering good community, and has partnered with the non-profit organization RAICES TEXAS to raise funds and awareness for this issue.

Many of the family members who work with Madre Mezcal in Oaxaca have, at some point in their lives, crossed into the US to find work. Their stories are all equally remarkable and terrifying. Recently, as mezcal has become a stable force in the Oaxaca economy, fewer mezcal producers have to make the dreaded trip to the US. But for so many others living south of the border, the trip is a reality. By working with border-support organizations, we can offer some assistance to those making this trip, and save lives.

All profits made from the sale of products from Madre’s ’Together Campaign’ will go to RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) in support of their work on both sides of the border.

Together we have everything. Juntos tenemos todo.

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