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Soul Tones: an Interview with Thee Sacred Souls
Thee Sacred Souls

Photo by Gustavo Olivares


Fresh, yet timeless. While these feel like conflicting descriptions, they may be the only way to describe our friends Thee Sacred Souls.

Hailing from San Diego, this trio puts out music with the texture and groove of R&B and Soul, while also incorporating Latin rhythm and flair. With their self-titled debut album slated for release on August 26th, the band has already started touring to build buzz around the launch. Luckily, we were able to catch lead vocalist Josh Lane, bassist Sal Samano and drummer Alex Garcia in between shows to ask them a few questions 


What song is currently stuck in your head?


Alex: There’s two songs currently stuck in my head right now, I’ll Always Love You by Fred Moss and Kelen Ati Leen by Orchestra Baobab, funky heavy hitting drums and a fire hook.

Sal: A song that I keep coming back to currently is a psychedelic soul tune called Silent Weapon by The X-Cessors. I love the heavy drums, trippy bass lines, and dreamy vocals. Great song all around. 

Josh: Currently I have Sheryl Swope’s tune called Run To Me, stuck on repeat in my head. The chorus is so catchy and the melodies are beautiful.


What role does music play in your life?


Josh: It plays an essential role for me. It gives me an avenue to share what’s in my soul through song. Music is also a way to fellowship with all of the legends that came before us. The right song can teach you a lesson or even get you through the hardships of life. 

Alex: Music plays a constant role in my life, I’m always thinking of song ideas and seeking out new tunes. It’s my way of connecting with people and I’m grateful to be able to perform in different cities.

Sal: Music has always been an important role in my life, ever since I was a kid my dad had always showed  me new records and introduced new music to me. Now I can’t help but to do the same, and always be on the hunt for something new.


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You have a new album coming out soon. What were your intentions and desires behind it?


We wanted to pay homage to the soul music we grew up on, while being true to the stories we live out today.



You record all your tracks on tape, why is analog recording crucial to you all?


Analog is essential to our sound. Our producer Gabe Roth is the architect behind it and recording to tape is the only way to go for him. The process puts you in the present moment and makes you perform at your best, especially when there’s a lot of takes involved. Sonically, there’s a certain character and rawness that you can only achieve with analog.


Can you tell us about the playlist you created for Madre?


We put together a mix of laid back Latin/African/Middle Eastern and some soul tunes that put us in the mezcal mood.

Thee Sacred Souls


Lastly, if you could share a mezcal with anybody, living or dead, who would it be and why?


Alex: I’d like to share a glass of mezcal with David Lynch, he’s one of my creative inspirations and a solid dude. 

Sal: If I could choose, I’d share a glass of Mezcal with Fred Thomas. He’s my biggest inspiration when it comes to bass and I can only imagine the stories he has from playing with James Brown. 

Josh: If I had to choose one person it would probably be James Baldwin. His wisdom has been on my mind lately. I would love to just talk life with the man. 


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Listen to Thee Sacred Souls here and catch them on tour.

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