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Skateboarding Saves Lives



Everyone should have a safe and supportive space to shred…or learn to shred. So, join us in supporting the construction of a skatepark in Mazunte, Oaxaca led by Mazunte Sk8 and Wonders Around the World Organization.



According to Mazunte SK8’s fundraising page, with what’s been built so far, the “skatepark has already proven to be an immense value add to the community, acting as a playground where the region’s many social sectors collide safely and experience inclusivity.”

Scroll down to learn more about Mazunte, the organizations Mazunte SK8 and Wonders Around the World (WAW), and how to donate directly.

Now until the end of the year, all proceeds from the sale of any Madre bandana will be donated to help fund the completion of this skatepark. Check out our online shop to purchase.




In support, we had skate legend Tommy Guerrero make a playlist for Madre Radio. This collection of eclectic and tastefully laid-back tunes is perfect for pushing your board around town. Listen below and follow Madre Radio here.



Home to 53% of Mexico’s indigenous population, Mazunte is a beautiful coastal village in Oaxaca, Mexico. Unfortunately, 62% of its people live in poverty, making opportunities for youth very scarce and leading many towards disadvantageous life paths. Because there are currently zero public skateparks in the region, Mazunte Sk8 was born with the aim to bring skateboarding to Oaxacan youth to act as a proven outlet to learn life’s lessons.

Phase 1 of the project was accomplished in the Summer of 2021 thanks to international skatepark builders Wonders Around the World, a “team who donates their time, experience and labor to marginalized communities worldwide.” The team is ready for phase 2 but they need to raise $30,000 to afford materials, finish the park and open it to the community (Mazunte Sk8’s GoFundMe).

Check out a video of Phase 1 below.

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