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RyX Madre Radio

Ry X recently crafted a special playlist for Madre Radio, and answered a few questions about his love and life with music.

Check out his Downtempo playlist HERE.


RyX Madre Radio


Who are you where are you from and what do you do? 

Im RY X, and  I was born on a small island with a few  hundred people close to the coast of Byron Bay in Australia. I grew up on a permaculture farm there with my sister and parents. Im a Musician / Composer among other journeys.


How does Music integrate into your life beyond it just being your job?

It flows into everything I do.. As  the counterpart and catalyst of so many experiences in my life. It’s rare that music isn’t playing in my world… and if so, then it’s generally a chosen silence, or time connecting to other sounds of the sea / nature.


What’s the vibe of the playlist you made for Madre? 

Theres so many directions I could go when making a mix…. into deep ambient worlds, which I swim in the most, or  african, or  indian, and indonesian tracks… all the things I generally listen to outside more electronic leanings.

For this playlist I chose a collection of songs that felt both engaging and deep as listens in the latter world. A downtempo set for movement at home or with friends, or just time in reflection. It feels like it can suit both.



If you were to share a glass of mezcal with anyone present or past, who would it be? 

I just had a thought of sitting down with some deep spiritual teachers over a mezcal… Dalai Lama, Ram Dass… feels against the grain in just the right way… I’m pretty sure they would be down… Or maybe a sip with Bjork. I’d like to explore her mind.

Follow Ry X HERE.

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