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Mountains and Mystics: The Work of Le Fawnhawk

There is a simple surrealist beauty that marks each image created by artist Petecia Le Fawnhawk-Maggiori. Subtle compositions set against vast landscapes allow for easy entry into a mystical realm. Contrasted desert shadows and ancient symbols gently entice you to ask questions and feel deeper into Le Fawnhawk’s work. Madre gathered a few of these questions, and sat down with the magic-bound artist to find some answers.


Le Fawnhawk


Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Petecia Le Fawnhawk-Maggiori… but I’m mostly known as simply, Le Fawnhawk.  I hail from the high deserts in Arizona and the before that, hill country of Texas.  I’ve spent most of my adult life in Los Angeles though.



Your work often includes mystic symbols or magical icons. What is your reason for their inclusion?

I am intrigued by Ancient Anthropology, Wisdom Mystery Schools, Theosophy, Philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism.  The art is an intuitive expression of discoveries and experiences of the seekers journey.  I believe this accumulated knowledge is then processed through my subconscious and comes out as a sort of abstract symbolic language.



What is the intention of your work? Why do you create?

I create because it’s what I am compelled to do.  My work is to act on that impulse.  To do the personal work to get out of my own way to let the vital life force live through me as an act of purposeful creation.



You work in multiple mediums. What is the importance of exploring new mediums of creation?

I work in multiple medium with the same curiosity and courage as I approach to everything else in my life.  I just follow my instinct… whatever needs to exist chooses it’s medium for me… it’s up to me to fearlessly approach the work trusting it will be realized in it’s highest potential within my ability.  




Do you have a spiritual practice or view of the world?

I’m a bit of an Omnist dreamer with a Scientific mind.  I love to experiment with all kinds of spiritual practices and rituals… I play around with what inspires me or what might aid me at the moment.  I try to consistently meditate, study, create, spend time in nature, journal, nourish my mind, soul and body daily.  My view is through the lens of compassion, pragmatism, optimism, wisdom and truth.  I aim for an enriching and tranquil life.  I fearlessly follow whatever makes my heart sing, I honor my family and nurture my relationships. In doing so I feel I have found centeredness that stays true.


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