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Madre Earth

Madre Earth

Madre comes from the earth.

The soil that grows the agaves, the water that fills the wells, the air that carries the wild yeast, are all part of mezcal production. Madre is truly a natural spirit, because it comes from nature.

To support our understanding of the natural world, and help conserve and protect the plants we love, we offer Madre Earth, a project exploring ideas and actions focused on sustainability and ecological awareness.

A limited selection of items are offered by Madre Earth to help fund programs that are actively working towards a more sustainable future. All products are created with true eco-supportive efforts, including sourcing natural materials from regenerative farms, insuring fair and ethical trade practices, and eliminating plastic use. Each order comes with a packet of pollinator wildflower seeds that can be grown to assist pollinators like butterflies and bees, as these creatures are crucial to a healthy earth.

Proceeds from the sale of all Madre Earth products are donated directly to education and sustainability programs in Oaxaca.

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