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Legalize Mushrooms

In Oaxaca there grows a variety of agave plants that can be used for making mezcal. Similarly, there are many types of mushrooms growing naturally nearby, making it one of the most biodiverse and highly sought after places to forage. Both agaves and fungi are intrinsic gifts from the earth and we believe that psilocybin mushrooms should be freely available for people to experience and explore. Below are three ways to get involved with mushrooms.


‘Legalize Mushrooms’ Poster


To support the movement to decriminalize mushrooms and other entheogenic plants, Madre produced a limited edition print with artwork by James Madison Mitchell, available for purchase on our website with 100% of each sale going to Decriminalize Nature to support the growing global legalization movement.

Purchase ‘Legalize Mushrooms’ print here.



Mushroom Cocktail Recipe


Additionally, we teamed up with our good friend Tonya Papanikolov, founder of Rainbo, put together a cocktail recipe that blends the beautiful qualities of mezcal with Reishi and Chaga mushrooms. We’ve spoken to Tonya in the past about the ancient history of fungi and their unbeatable immunity supporting qualities. Check out the recipe below.

Legalize Mushrooms Rainbo Cocktail

“I love bright ingredients and take a functional and seasonal approach to the foods and drinks I make. Since being in California, I’ve been inspired by the passion fruit – tart, bright, juicy and pairs oh so well with Rainbo’s mushroom infused maple syrup. I decided to experiment with mushrooms and passion fruit. Unconventional but why not? I also think the passion fruit seeds make for a fun drinking experience too.”

– Tonya Papanikolov



  • 1½ oz Madre Mezcal
  • 4ml Reishi mushroom extract
  • ¼ tsp Forest Juice maple syrup with Chaga.
  • ½ passion fruit
  • ¼ cup water
  • Ice cubes


Mix well and drink cold.


Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Kit


Revisit our partnership with DoubleBlind Magazine and support their online course explaining at-home mushroom cultivation where you can learn how to grow Shrooms at home and deepen your relationship with fungi.

Double Blind Mushrooms x Madre Mezcal

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