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La Familia

Amongst the rolling hills that lay outside of Oaxaca city, there is a small Zapotec town where some of the best Mezcal in the world can be found. San Dionisio is a family town, where everyone knows each other, and is most likely related. The town is surrounded with a variety of wild agaves, which have been tended over by the locals for centuries. The Garcia Morales family is one family that has looked after these lands for generations.

Madre is produced by Jose Ines Garcia Morales and his family. Their small palenque (mezcal distillery) is located just outside of San Dionisio, where well water and clean air are active ingredient in the mezcal process. Each step of making mezcal is personal and hands-on. Jose’s father and brothers help lift and cut the agaves, his mother blesses the agave hearts before cooking them in the earth, his wife helps plant new agaves on the land, and an endless cast of uncles and cousins watch over the countless hours of distillation.

Each bottle of Madre carries Jose’s name and that of his family. A small nod of respect to an age-old tradition, and true family recipe.

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