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High Frequencies with Orly Anan

Orly Anan is a beautifully surreal creative living in Mexico City. Her work embodies unworldly environments and ceremonial vibrations through vibrant colors and captivating still-life composition.  Madre loves her work, and her amazing taste in music, so we took a trip to her studio in Mexico City and asked her to make us a playlist. Here’s what she had to say:

How does Music integrate into your life and your work? 

Music is definitely a vital need in my life, it has a huge influence on my art work as well as my soul. I love to think about having the option to choose the soundtrack of my life. Music can be so cinematic, you can travel around the world and have out of body experiences just by listening to different rhythms, different languages,  and all of that helps me imagine and physically manifest ideas.

Music can make you cry, dance, love, scream, laugh. It can make you feel so much. It is the collective soul of the universe, it is indeed the ultimate language that unites us all.

You create such beautiful and odd worlds with your work, where do these worlds come from? 

They come from my everyday life. It can be a random object, a texture, a song, a smell, a flower, a human. If we are living in awareness, everything is full of information and inspiration. My main goal is to unite all the beauty in one place, and of course, at the end of the day it is just a game. So I can say most of the time I feel like a child just playing around, trying out things, mixing them, until something fantastic comes out of it.

What’s the vibe of the playlist you made for Madre? 

I think the name of it says it all :


It is music to fly high, to feel alive, to celebrate life! and off course to sweat and dance dance danceeee !!!



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