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At the end of a dusty road, in a remote sliver of land off the coast of Oaxaca, you will find one of the most interesting collections of mezcal in the region. Hidden amongst an incredible collection of artfully-designed structures, Cobarde Bar in Punta Pajaros is a simple wonder, and a new destination for mezcal lovers and architect addicts alike. Madre spoke with Claudio Sodi, owner of Cobarde, about the bar, the creative culture being cultivated in this special beach location, and the beautiful Cobarde Copita, that Madre now offers in our General Store.

Pour a glass of mezcal, have a read, and transport yourself to Punta Pajaros.





What is Cobarde?

Cobarde is a small bar in the Punta Pajaros area near Puerto Escondido that specializes in weird, small batches of mezcal that Maestros Mezcaleros create for us as a special gift. Almost all of our mezcals have a special story behind them; a quinciañera party special reserve, a mezcal batch hidden (and rescued) from a narco town, etc. We source our mezcal from all over the country, Oaxaca mainly, but batches we have had come from many other states of Mexico, including Durango, Guerrero, Puebla, etc.




What is Punta Pájaros?

Punta Pajaros is a small strip of land that has been developing for the last 7 years, during which we have managed to get involved with some of the world’s most prestigious architects, who have given the area a recognition and a flow of travelers interested in architecture, art, food, and of course, enjoying nature. Casa Wabi is situated in Punta Pajaros, this artist residency has been running for 7 years now and has given a huge flow of ideas, projects and pieces of art that visitors can see.





What is the community about?

In the last years, we have been developing dwellings that try to get a sense of this new way of traveling and enjoying time OFF the internet and INTO nature. We are currently working with on-the-rise young architecture firms to analyze and design houses that create an experience, houses travellers can feel their own and enjoy to the fullest. We have also developed site specific projects such as the Sauna EL PAPELILLO that the artist duo from Mexico City TEZONTLE created for the area. We’ve been inviting artists and architects with the spirit of freedom and creation.






Tell us about the Cobarde Copita?

The cups were designed and created when Cobarde was first opened, the idea was to have a crafted cup of transparent blown glass that will allow you to see/taste/smell the mezcal at its best. Because of this, each mezcal cup is unique, making the experience of the mezcal tasting a new one every time you get a new cup, that way, our small batches can be a delightful tour even when tasting the same mezcal again.




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