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Ana Noble - Sabor A Mi

Ana Noble is a visual artist from Mexico City. Although her address may be in the city, you probably won’t find her there as she is a serial traveler soaking up cultures from around the world. Ana’s work exists in many platforms and infuses spirituality, ancient cultures, but also rooted in her Mexican heritage. This next month Ana has collaborated with us in curating our instagram feed. She has also prepared a playlist for Madre Radio that dives into a bit of nostalgia. Recently we took a trip with her to Oaxaca, where we had the opportunity to talk to her about her work and the playlist she developed for us.

Your work is rooted in a lot of ancient iconography, what does that represent to you and how does that translate to who you are as an artist? 

It’s a ongoing investigation on ancient mythology . I like to explore and reference this iconography as a form of understanding my relationship to earth creation and spirituality . I find messages there that resonate with me on a timeless scale and i like to bridge them into our contemporary society .

You were born in Mexico City, but have spent many years in and out of the country, where do you consider home or what is home to you?

The more places I visit and the more I return to them, my connection to the world becomes stronger . For me that is home- feeling connected and being present. So ultimately home is a feeling – a state of mind where I can cultivate my inner life – I am lucky to feel at home in various places –

How does Mexico inspire you?

Mexico my love. It’s raw and eclectic nature always keep things edgy – it’s like a great mystery that keeps unfolding. I am inspired by how mysticism

and traditions are inherited and applied  by younger generations.

How is music integrated into your life?

 As a visual artist that uses images to communicate- music offers me a space of contemplation outside language or the visual realm – it’s a bridge to access other dimensions and ways of thinking – a sort of imaginary vehicle.

What is the inspiration for your playlist?

It started with my grandmothers favorite song . A classic style of old school Mexican music knows as boleros- I kept it on this note , a nostalgic journey around the world through some of my favorite classics .



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