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Exspiravit: an Interview with vōx


Vōx, a friend of Madre, is a musical and visual artist based in East Los Angeles. Pronounced “wokes,”, meaning “voice” in Latin, vōx continues to lead the way in experimental pop, bending norms when it comes to visual and musical arts, while engaging with highly relatable topics including mental health within her lyrics. We recently sat down with vōx at her showcase in LA to ask her some questions and talk about her upcoming album, ‘All My Best Friends Are Ghosts.’


What song is currently stuck in your head?




What role does music play in your life?


An outlet for my truth.


You always seem to create such incredible looks, how do you view style and its role in your art?


Style is ultimately a limitless playground to me. Whatever you dream, you can wear. It’s also a way to explain my songs visually. I’m very introverted, so style is a way for me to gain confidence and to stand out without having to say a word.

The new album is epic. Such dark beauty. Can you offer a summary of your intentions and desires with this project?


I desire to be heard. The album is a collection of expectations I’ve held and had to let go of over my life, starting when I was a small child and ending with today. Things like acceptance, love, faith, self worth, strength, and vulnerability. I hope the listener can relate. I always try to dig as deep as I can to find a truth that’s pure.


Can you tell us about the playlist you created for Madre?


Songs I’ve been loving lately. Some to dance to and some to cry to.

Vox Madre Radio

Lastly, if you could share a mezcal with anybody, living or dead, who would it be and why?


Rosalía – you can truly feel how kind her soul is through her music. I’d love to toast to her artistry.

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